Monday, September 14, 2015

From the Town of Palm Beach (33480): Increased Distraction Thefts

This timely information also applies universally to all areas of south Florida and beyond, including bicyclists in Lake Worth:

Palm Beach residents are advised to be on the alert for criminals who practice “distraction thefts.” In these cases, someone will approach the resident at their home under the pretense of doing some work or providing some service at the residence. Then, while the resident is being distracted by the original person, another individual will enter the home to look for and steal objects of value, such as cash, jewelry and watches. Examples of distraction thefts include: A workman advising the resident of some problem outside or posing as an employee of a utility company, such as a problem with the landscaping or external wiring to the house or emergency repair work. While they are engaged in conversation, another person enters the house to steal items.

If there is any doubt as to the legitimacy of someone coming to the home, residents are encouraged to call the Palm Beach Police Department at 561-838-5454. Officers will respond to assist the caller in identifying individuals and determining the true nature of their business with the resident.

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