Saturday, August 8, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: About Destiny Thomas' movie playing at the Stonzek Theater tonight

[Here is the original blog post from yesterday with the movie time at the Stonzek Theater in downtown Lake Worth tonight.]


Unlikely Candidate Fights To Continue Education at The American Film Institute By Raising Tuition on

Destiny Thomas, A childhood cult survivor, beats all odds and is accepted into the country’s prestigious American Film Institute Conservatory. She seeks to raise $30,000 to continue her education and pursue a career in filmmaking on

LOS ANGELES, Calif., July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ --

Destiny Thomas, a Florida born native, grew up in an evangelical fundamentalist group led by her family. As a young teenager she escaped abuse, neglect, and the mental influence of a religious cult. Overcoming every obstacle Destiny faced, she is achieving her dream and becoming an award winning director and has now been accepted into the AFI Conservatory for the fall term.

Destiny, who is now 25, first stepped into the halls of the public school system when she was 14 to begin her traditional education. She has had 5 years of total education; starting at a public high school, graduating from G-Star School of the Arts and completing a diploma program in Filmmaking at the International Academy of Film and Television in LA. With this limited education, dozens of odd-jobs, hours of self study and the burning need for redemption, she went on to Write and Direct the International Award Winning Short: MY CENTER WILL NOT HOLD.

Destiny applied and was accepted into the Directing Program at the AFI Conservatory in March. She was awarded the AFI Scholarship and now turns to the public for help to raise the remaining $30,000 of her tuition using Every dollar raised will go towards tuition and fees. Destiny will continue to work tirelessly to cover her personal costs.

Education has the power to transform societies. Destiny Thomas has started this journey with nothing but hope and fought everyday to survive and better herself. Overcoming emotionally impossible odds, with the help of readers and donors, she can continue her education and strive to empower women, becoming one of Hollywood’s leading female directors.

“Your donation can't change my past, but it will protect my future. A future that promises to fight for survivors of all sorts, to never quit, to never give up, because anything less would be a waste of your time.” ~ Destiny Thomas ~

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