Saturday, August 8, 2015

From Carlos Frias: "Raised in a Lake Worth cult: Award-winning film screens Saturday [Today]"

I'm not sure how to handle this so I'll just throw it out there, here is a movie trailer for a 11-minute movie showing tomorrow at the Stonzek in downtown Lake Worth:
Destiny Thomas, the movie director, has this information on her GoFundMe account:
     “Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, and the Apocalypse; for the first 14 years of my life, I thought this was normal.”
      Destiny Thomas the daughter of Evangelical Fundamentalists escaped child abuse, neglect and the rise of a Religious Cult. In this kind of belief system, women are treated like second-class citizens. Bound by an unhealthy allegiance and controlled by the exclusion of education, “I was powerless”.
     During my 25 years of life, I’ve had the privilege to attend 5 years of school; 4 years of High School and 10 months of training at a boutique film school. With this limited education, dozens of odd-jobs, hours of self study and the burning need for redemption, I went on to Write and Direct the International Award Winning Short: MY CENTER WILL NOT HOLD.
If anyone has more information they would like to share please comment on this post or email me.

The screening is tomorrow at 8:00 and admission is $15. The Stonzek Theater is located at 713 Lake Ave in downtown Lake Worth. Call 561-296-9382.