Monday, May 18, 2015

The Progressive Contrarian asks: "Is Chipotle anti-GMO’s worst nightmare?"

'The Progressive Contrarian' is a fella named Bernie Mooney. Somehow I came across his blog a while back and think it had something to do with Mike Adams, but I'm not sure. He has an entertaining twist on things and his way with words can be a little, well, "harsh" is the word that comes to mind. But he has his opinions and is not shy sharing them.

Here is a recent post of his about Chipotle that I thought you might find educational and a bit entertaining:
Earlier this month I wrote this: mainstream media has been casting a much more skeptical eye and various lefty/green writers have either changed their minds or at least taking less strident anti stances and are willing to be a little more open-minded. 
Then came Chipotle’s major announcement of their decision to jettison GMO “ingredients.” All of a sudden, the cracks in the dam widened. The media jumped all over Chipotle. Here a few examples:
The GMO worm seems to be turning, slowly, but still changing direction. When sites like Gizmodo weigh in, something’s happening.
What’s good about it is that it may have an effect on the average Joe and Josefina, who only hear the loudest and the nuttiest.
Mr. Mooney can't be more right. When NPR, Mother Jones, and Gizmodo are skeptical of Chipotle's move on GMO's it's fair to say they have a little PR problem.

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Bernie Mooney said...

Hi Wes. I just stumbled across your blog. Thanks for the good words. I appreciate it.