Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Living Colour and the "Cult of Personality": The Lemmings of Lake Worth, FL On the March Again

Appropriate and timely. False prophets come in many forms: a camera-hogging 'pastor' or even in the form of a self-proclaimed 'journalist' promising TRUTH: "They're stealing our BEACH! Lemmings Unite!"

Are people in Lake Worth, FL that easily manipulated? It appears so. The Lemmings of Lake Worth.

Line up for your instruction. Swallow your talking points. Suckle at that teat and then blindly follow your fellow Lake Worth Lemming.

Truth is Truth and no facts matter. "I'm a Lemming after all and the TRUTH is what I am told."

March On the Lemmings of Lake Worth.

March On.

The Lemmings of Lake Worth, Florida. On the March Again.