Monday, April 6, 2015

Andrew Harrison, the 'N-word', and the City of Lake Worth, FL

The irony lost on most everyone is Mrs. McNamara's racist rant at Lake Worth City Hall is being spun as Free Speech yet The Lake Worth Herald somehow erred using their Free Speech when reporting the event. Which proves once again that, for some, Free Speech from your friends is more special than Free Speech from your enemies.

Which brings us to Andrew Harrison and his use of the 'N-word' at a press conference: he immediately apologized; not a small fact to be pointed out.

No doubt Andrew Harrison will be a hot topic in some circles here in Lake Worth. Maybe used as some sort of justification that use of the 'N-word' isn't so bad after all even at City Hall prior to a ceremony. Before you go down that road you might want to watch this video of former Commissioner Retha Lowe on this very subject: