Thursday, April 16, 2015

CBS12/WPEC and the Lake Worth "Beach": a primer on how to spin The News

[Singling out Lauren Hills isn't my goal here. The terrible reporting at CBS12, especially concerning the City of Lake Worth, is legendary at WPEC. Not to say there aren't professionals there; Chuck Weber (for example) is an excellent TV news reporter. However. . .

This particular story (below) by WPEC appeared as a news segment only a few days before our municipal elections here in Lake Worth. Lauren Hills refers to a "Backroom" meeting which was anything but. Why am I re-posting a blog post from early last month? I think it's important to remember. Here is the original blog post from March 6th:]

The title of the story by Lauren Hills at CBS12/WPEC uses the word: "Backroom". Why isn't the title only: "Lake Worth Residents Concerned Over Beach Development Proposals"? 

Here is the definition of "backroom" in
a place where powerful or influential persons, especially politicians, meet to plan secretly or from which they exercise control in an indirect manner
Lauren Hills refers to a meeting by neighbors of the Gulfstream Hotel with the new owners. Here is a letter from a witness who was at that meeting:
If you're looking for facts and professional journalism, especially about important topics like the Lake Worth Beach/Casino, you really need to read the work by people such as Alexandra Clough and Eliot Kleinberg at the Palm Beach Post. If you don't subscribe then maybe you should. 

If you're a big fan of TV news (of which I am not), Channel 5/WPTV's Brian Entin recently did a very fair and accurate story on the Beach/Casino story

Back to the story by Lauren Hills. THE REASON WHY THIS STORY IS A STORY, SHE NEVER MENTIONS IN HER STORY. Our Casino/Beach complex is hemorrhaging money. The business plan has failed and it's up to our current city commission to fix it. 

As far as the "secrecy" Lauren Hills repeatedly refers to? Commissioner McVoy voted to keep the process a secret; it was a unanimous vote:
Lauren Hills didn't mention this either.