Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The little City of Lake Worth's VisitFlorida website: send this to your friends and family up North

It's mid-October and around now many folks up North start thinking seriously about a Winter vacationmaking some broad plans such as where to go and for how long. The earlier you choose is when you lock in the best price for lodging and airfare.

Send this blog post to your friends and family up North. What Lake Worth lacks in hotel rooms we make up in other ways like many vacation homes for rent and plenty of Bed & Breakfasts. West Palm Beach has plenty of hotel rooms available and it's only a short bike ride or car ride from West Palm to Lake Worth.
This is an aerial view of the Lake Worth BEACH! on the Atlantic Ocean. This incredible photograph is by Skyline Aerials and here is their Facebook page.
Plus Palm Beach (33480) and Delray Beach are only minutes away too.

VisitFlorida is the most visited website for visitors and tourists considering or planning a stay here in Florida. The little City of Lake Worth has their very own site on VisitFlorida. Here is part of what people see when they check out Lake Worth:
Notice the description of Lake Worth. Whoever wrote this did a very good job.
Here is a picture yours truly sent to VisitFlorida last year.
Others who have uploaded pictures to the Lake Worth VisitFlorida page are:
Thank you everyone and look forward to all the tourists and visitors to our little City of Lake Worth!