Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Study finds no negatives in Palm Beach County imported trash plan |

Next year the new Palm Beach County incinerator will be up and operating. The incinerator will produce electricity that will be used by the grid (FPL). Due to complaints and concerns from neighbors in that community a study was commissioned. It is uncertain at this point if the study will alleviate anyone's concerns. Here is the latest from Joe Capozzi at the Post, click title for link:
A controversial moneymaking plan to burn imported trash at a new waste-to-energy plant will not add significant truck traffic, increase air pollution or hurt local tourism, according to an independent study released Monday.
The 320-page study by the Hinkley Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management also says the imported trash plan is not expected to increase noise and odors in neighborhoods around the plant and will probably reduce harmful vehicle emissions.
The study backs up many of the opinions expressed by the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority officials, who have been pushing the imported-waste plan for more than a year despite concerns from residents living near the facility.
“We believe it is a fair and reasonable report and it is consistent with what we’ve been saying,’’ said Dan Pellowitz, the authority’s managing director.