Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Lake Worth" as defined by Channel 5

4988 Palm Way
Again, we have an example of the problem about our identity and blurring distinctions between unincorporated Palm Beach County and a Lake Worth mailing address.

A glorious holiday story about Lake Worth from Channel 5. A man and his family have spent a month decorating their house in "Lake Worth" for Christmas. The news anchor stated the home is in Lake Worth. The reporter at the location said she was reporting from Lake Worth. The family is having a block party for all their neighbors in "Lake Worth" to celebrate the lighting of almost 75,000 lights. However, if you happen to live in Lake Worth and would like to participate in the block party, before you set out to the house on Palm Way, you need the house number, it's 4988.

Now you might say, "Hmmm, I don't think the numbers on Palmway go to 4988". And also the street in the news story is Palm Way, not Palmway. If you go to your computer and type in 4988 Palm Way you discover, once again, a news story from SUBURBAN LAKE WORTH, not the City of Lake Worth.

Imagine all the little children hearing about this story in Lake Worth and wanting to go to the house lighting celebration. Get in the car and get ready for a hike in the car.

Click here for link to video segment.