Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review of Public Comment from the March 4th City Commission Meeting

Right at the beginning of the video, Mary Lindsey announces the success of the neighborhood associations in applying and receiving grant monies from Palm Beach County. She then goes into the reading of the letter from the NAPC of support for the concept of a baseball spring training facility. This was the letter to our Commission which mentions the John Prince Park location. She mentions another letter that will be composed along the same lines and given to the County Commission. It should be pointed out that when Ms. Lindsey read the letter at the County Commission meeting, she expressed the NAPC's support for a central Palm Beach County location, not specifically John Prince Park. It's important to note that at the 2 minute mark of the video, the letter talks about the need for communication and coordination with the neighborhoods, especially the ones near the park, as the process goes forward.

If you think about it, that is saying just about the same thing as Commissioner McVoy requested be added to the resolution passed by the Commission.