Sunday, March 16, 2014

REMINDER - Parrot Cove Meeting Monday March 17th at 7:00pm - Speaker Ted Brownstein About the Early History of Lake Worth

Dear Parrot Cove Neighbors:

The March meeting for Parrot Cove Neighborhood Association will be at7:00pm at Believers Victory Church at 10th and N Lakeside on Monday March 17th, 2014 and will feature local author Ted Brownstein speaking about the early history of Lake Worth and his book 'Pioneers of Jewell'. 

Having purchased the book and seeing Ted speak previously, it can be said that it is very fascinating for anyone with an interest in how our city and neighborhood originally developed and learn a bit about who was responsible for it, the first purchasers of the land blocks in Lake Worth and where Parrot Cove now sits, how the land was further subdivided and so forth. 
Book Summary:

"In 1885, Samuel and Fannie James, an African American couple, reported to be ex-slaves, fled the increasing racial polarization of Northern and Central Florida for the sparsely settled everglades frontier. They were the first to settle in the area that would later become the City of Lake Worth, arriving with just the clothes on their backs and $50 in their pockets. While local history buffs may have heard their names, until now virtually nothing was known of their doings, character, or relations with others in what was then known as Jewell, Florida.  Their story is explored in Pioneers of Jewell in the context of their times. Details of their land dispute with Dr. Harry Stites, their friendship with original Barefoot Mailman Edwin R. Bradley and the quirkiness of hermit Michael Merkle are told for the first time. This motley collection of settlers braved the swamps, the floods, the mosquitos and the isolation to pave the way for later development."

We hope to see you there.