Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Meet Larry the Lens...

Let me introduce my new Roving Photographer, Larry the Lens. Larry is a humble man. Even though he was physically different from other children his Mother and Father loved him and nurtured him. Though meager in means, his Father was a horseshoe salesman and his Mother sold Afghans at the county fair (the dogs, not the blankets), he never felt, not once, that he didn't measure up. He worked the Midway. Proudly. 
At the County Fair he acquired his love of the camera. After high school he enrolled in the prestigious Myopic School of Photography, where he graduated with honors. Here he met Delores Dingleberry. It was a match made in heaven.
Fast forward to Lake Worth. Dolores is a checker at the thriving establishment known as World Thrift. Larry the Lens is a struggling photographer. They just had their first litter. Adorable.
I (Wes Blackman) sought him out because Larry the Lens possesses a unique world-view. Unlike some photographers in Lake Worth who take photos like snipers in the grass, Larry the Lens gets into the action and doesn't mind getting scuffed up now and then. Larry did work briefly for Channel 12, doing a piece for Peter Schaller, and hopes this will not be a black mark on his career. Everyone makes mistakes.
Have an event? A news story? Larry the Lens can help you. When you see him around town, say "Hey Larry!" - you won't regret it.
A fresh voice for Lake Worth. 

My new roving photographer, Larry the Lens!