Wednesday, September 18, 2013

From last night's (9/17/13) City Commission Meeting - Public Comment on Unagendaed Items


Anonymous said...

This question was posed directly to pointy pinkie but surprisingly she didn't answer it.
Over the past couple of years she has accused Bornstein of shredding legal documents, accused all the commission except for dr. scientist of being corrupt, accused the commission except for dr. scientist of "stealing the vote". Recently for some sick reason she felt the need to publicly defend annabeth karson even though it was apparent the esteemed ms carson was/is clearly in the wrong and stole money from the city.
How is it in light of all this crap pinkie's flinging around town, she still has the nerve or complete lack of self awareness she can still show her face at meetings? And expect anyone to take her seriously?

Anastasia said...

I know the city is in financial stress right now, trust me I know, but would it be possible to start a fund to get Mr. Timm new clothes and new shoes?