Saturday, September 21, 2013

Callery-Judge Groves sells to home builder |

This is an example of green field development. Joanne Davis, a Lake Worth resident and associated with the group 1000 Friends of Florida seems to be o.k. with the proposal. She also had a "Vote Yes, Keep Lake Worth Lo-Rise" sign in her yard earlier this year.

This project would intensify the residential density and commercial intensity along both sides of Seminole Pratt Road, north of Southern Boulevard. In some ways, no growth attitudes in the eastern communities of Palm Beach County create pressures for this sort of new development, instead of allowing for greater density and intensity of development within their borders. New development with existing cities - like Lake Worth - have existing infrastructure including water, sewer, roads and transit systems. Click title for link to article.
Minto seems to be taking pains to appease neighbors, said Joanne Davis of 1000 Friends of Florida, a growth-management advocacy group. Davis said she met with a Minto vice president and was impressed with a plan that called for stores and denser housing development in some areas and large-lot homes on other parts of the property.
“It all looked really good to me,” Davis said. “I didn’t have any immediate objection to it, even if they do increase density.”
By dropping big money on a property and then asking for a higher density, Minto is illustrating that Palm Beach County’s housing market is improving, said Jack McCabe, a housing analyst in Deerfield Beach.
“It’s like building a new city,” McCabe said. “They’re going to have to jump through a lot of regulatory and environmental hurdles. Their $51 million investment is going to mushroom into something considerably more.”