Sunday, June 9, 2013

Former Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill's Blog Entry upon Returning to Lake Worth

Click title for link to her blog.  Read the following out-loud in the overly-dramatic tone in which it is intended:
"This morning I was taking a walk to the beach and I crossed the bridge. Literally and figuratively. As I walked across the bridge, tears filled my eyes and I was overwhelmed by what I saw.  The building that I worked on so desperately to restore and renew and that had caused me so much pain was now complete.  It stood before me with confidence, glory and grace. It’s energy and vitality had been restored. I painstakingly participated in this building’s transformation, desperately fighting for it’s renewal, for its life. I watched this building be stripped to its core – to its foundation – with only a few pillars remaining before its restoration began.  Many times, I went to that building during its transformation and just stood there and cried."
I suggest she still be watched for hyper-Europeanization and extreme horizontalism, based on this.

And, today, we as a city, literally and figuratively, cry about all the loose ends and missed opportunities associated with the project.