Sunday, May 3, 2009

Revised "Beach Site Vision Study" as of Friday...

I called Jason Bregman from Michael Singer Studios - Friday - about the "revised" "final" product when it wasn't on the website after 4/27.  They posted it later that afternoon...something about trouble with the size of the data file. Click here for link.  

Still, the big question is what will happen with a building at the beach.  From last Monday's meeting, it sounded like Vice-Mayor Golden didn't want a casino building at all.  Commissioner Mulvehill was still loyal to the beach merchants who supported her campaign.  Commissioner Jennings was quiet on the building issue, but thought that the Beach and Casino zoning district should be deleted.  Expect more later on this.

From my point of view, the entire plan means little if you haven't decided whether to re-hab the building, tear it down and build a new one or just tear it down period.  Regardless, there are site plan implications based upon the yet-to-be made choices.