Friday, May 8, 2009

NEWS ALERT: Lawsuits from local Hometown Democracy measure drain city coffers

Dear Fellow Floridian:

Over the past year, we have been sending you news on Hometown Democracy-related developments in the small Pinellas County town of St. Pete Beach. Since adopting Hometown Democracy-style rule in 2006, local residents have endured ongoing economic hardship and a seemingly endless string of lawsuits at taxpayer expense.

The St. Petersburg Times is now reporting that--after spending over half a million dollars on Hometown Democracy-related lawsuits--"the city has less than $500 left in its legal budget with five months remaining in the fiscal year."

Although it is hard to imagine the chaos that would ensue if Hometown Democracy were taken statewide, St. Pete Beach gives us a small glimpse into Florida's future under this radical proposal: An unending legal nightmare, tragic job loss and widespread frustration.

I encourage you to read the article above and share the story of St. Pete Beach with your friends and family. As we speak, Hometown Democracy's largest funders are bankrolling a major petitioning effort throughout Florida. We expect that they will pay for enough signatures to reach the ballot soon.

Unless we organize for victory now, every community in Florida will quickly learn the hard lessons of St. Pete Beach.

Warm Regards,

Ryan Houck
Executive Director
Floridians for Smarter Growth