Thursday, May 7, 2009

Horrific Story from South Palmway, Lakeside Area...

Yesterday Afternoon (Friday May 1st), on the alley easement located at the terminus of 13th Avenue South and Lakeside Drive, a Caucasian woman described as being a brunette with medium length (shoulder length) Hair, with a dog with medium length coat, black/brown (could have been a Shepard mix or a pit bull mix) with the name "GINGER" allowed her dog to run off leash on this roadway easement. Her Dog viciously attacked and mauled the beloved pet and companion of XXXX our Neighborhoods' 104 year old resident.
XXXX's 2 pound Chihuahua, named Tootsie was no match for this larger dog who was not on leash and who's owner obviously ignored the state leash law. This attack is certainly not the first attack, or problem that we as residents have had to contend with, living next to these open easements.. The City at one point did have a posted sign which stated that animals must be leased, but that sign was removed for some reason. No this was not the first attack, but it will be the last.....We are fed up with the lack of support from our City, and from residents who believe that they can thumb their noses at ordinances and laws. Leash laws are to protect the public from the very unfortunate and criminal attack of this poor little dog.
I really wish our Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill, and those responsible for removing the sign, and for those who believe that these easements serve some sort of public purpose , had the duty to inform a 104 year old man that his only companion, and his beloved dog lay dead in the yard because of others stupidity.
The Dog's owner left the scene and did not report the attack to anyone, she left that poor little dog to die, abandoned and alone. She must be found and punished. Our neighbors are offering a $5000.00 reward for information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the owner who provoked this attack. If you see anyone matching this description, and a dog who answers to the name Ginger, please contact us immediately, or contact Officer Shirley Raia, with Palm Beach County Animal Control. Refer to Activity (case) number 09-007943. Telephone number is 561-233-1200 ex. 0.
If anyone has any information, please provide this immediately as we want to quickly locate this dangerous dog and owner. This could easily have been an elderly person or child who was attacked! There are way to many people who allow their animals to roam the neighborhood, off leash.. This must stop. It violates the law, but more importantly it makes our neighborhood less safe. You can and should report any incident of off leash dogs to animal control. An animal control officer does not have to witness the offense, they can take your statement, and file the complaint. Once several complaints are made, the owners face stiff fines up to and including the removal of the animal.
Please, help make our neighborhood safe. Lets take back our streets from those who treat our community with such a lack of human decency and compassion.