Sunday, November 30, 2008

Upcoming City Commission Meeting - 12/2

Here is the agenda for this coming Tuesday night. We have the pledge of allegiance being led by Commissioner Jennings. That is always a thrill to see/hear which words she chooses to say. Sometimes she does say "...and freedom and justice for all..." or she'll just come in a little late and miss the opportunity entirely.

Since this is the first regular meeting after the results of the elections are known, they will go through the decision of who is Vice Mayor and Vice Mayor Pro Tem. Basically ceremonial titles, they do come into play when the Mayor is absent and cannot run a meeting. If that's the case, then the Vice Mayor takes the gavel. Likewise if the Mayor wants to make a motion, he can pass the gavel to the Vice Mayor to run the meeting while the motion is made. Since the Vice Mayor can be absent as well and the Commission can still have the required quorum when three elected officials are in attendance, we also need a Vice Mayor Pro Tem. Watch for a power play by Commissioner Jennings to get her "favs" those titles. The current Vice Mayor is Commissioner Lowe.

They also will run through the list of various outside organizations where the city of Lake Worth has a seat at the table and re-assign places, if necessary, to accommodate the new Commissioner.

Under presentations, the most notable item listed there is an update from Greater Bay on the Beach property redevelopment project. The Mayor will also present a slide show about his trip to Haiti and put in motion steps for the creation of a sister city relationship.
Under the Consent Agenda, these items pop out. One is the appointment of people to boards where there are existing vacancies. There is a vacancy on the Planning and Zoning et al Board for the last alternate among the list of positions. It will be six more months at least before those seated now have to reapply if their term ends this year. Applications will be taken starting in April or May most likely for the general public.
Under unfinished business, we have the return of the item related to what are now $300,000 worth of necessary improvements to the shuffleboard court building in order to house the day labor center. This is down from the $350,000 that first appeared on a consent agenda previously, but still a significant amount. More on that later before Tuesday's meeting.
Under new business, there is an important item related to the updating of our historic districts through the use of grant funds. This is something that I have been a big proponent of doing. Time does not stand still and as each year passes structures age and more pass into the minimum 50 year age necessary to be a contributing structure in a historic district. The update will also include a look at some of the historic preservation portion of the code and recommend various changes and updates. Long past due but no time like the present.

Expect a lot of conversation about payment of fees to FMPA our electric co-op.

Absent on this agenda is the appeal by Mr. Celi of the Planning Board, HRPB latest decision on the Gulfstream Hotel improvements. Perhaps postponing it until January will dilute some of the reaction from people when they are reminded of Mr. Celi's contributions to Commissioner Jennings and Mulvehill campaigns. He individually contributed $1,500 total in support of their campaigns and so did someone else aligned with his cause. Pay to play anyone??