Thursday, September 19, 2013

Originally posted November 25, 2006 and getting a lot of hits recently: Strange but true...

Here I am sitting at Howley's and another Lake Worthian is sitting directly opposite me - with her laptop open, as I have mine open. We chatted briefly when I sat down. I said something about how we will be mirror images of each other and she assured me that she wouldn't be reading my blog. I asked, "Why not? You may learn something." She said that it was too boring, too much detail and that she lets Annabeth do that - more concentrated on the big picture she is, said she. Initials: Laurel Decker.

Just an FYI in a WiFi kinda way. LOL

Maybe we actually have more in common than we think? Perhaps a good place to start would be all working together for public WiFi in our downtown and finding a way to get a nice retro diner in and along North Dixie (like we had before the Patio restaurant was demo'd). That way we wouldn't have to patronize a West Palm Beach establishment with a similar atmosphere and amenities and we'd be keeping our money in Lake Worth.