Monday, March 18, 2019

Old news is new again in the charming little City of Lake Worth!

Still Breaking News in L-Dub.

See newsprint clipping below!

From another work site here in the City another issue of a long-forgotten defunct always-FREE newspaper has been found! It’s a mystery why this paper went out of business but it did. Maybe no advertising revenue was a factor as well.

Once upon a time these papers were all over the City. In fact, the litter problem was so bad at one point a former commissioner was forced to throw them all away in the Cultural Plaza and another resident was accused of stealing a huge load of papers out of the City Hall annex. But when the authorities arrived the confusion became how do you steal a FREE newspaper? Isn’t that FREE SPEECH?

This entire kerfuffle ended amicably though when the editor, a fine one indeed, published the ingredients for the most incredible window cleaning solution that used what? Newsprint! To learn how click on this link. One can also use The Palm Beach Post if you wish but at $2 a pop it’s not as cost-effective as a FREE newspaper.

Did you know newsprint, following the cost of labor, is the highest cost for a newspaper?

Anyhow, this latest clipping from that FREE paper in L-Dub is Vol. 1, Issue 12 “Published in Lake Worth, FL” and dated Friday, April 10th, 2015. There was never a Vol. 2 by the way.

Worth noting is this newspaper is not to be confused with the venerable Lake Worth Herald.

An indoor house painter discovered this old newsprint while watching another painter clean a paint brush so that’s why there is damage, but fortunately not enough damage to ruin the story. The supervisor running a crew restoring a historic cottage looked down and saw a photo and a headline and said, “Hold On, Batman! Is that who I think it is?”

Check back for more clippings from four years ago. With so many work sites around town another one is bound to show up sooner or later.

Please examine this clipping closely:

Mayor Pam Triolo is quoted in the story referring to City Manager Michael Bornstein, “I am so grateful that you came into our lives.”