Sunday, January 20, 2019

No rest for the weary!

“Gee Wiz, Mabel! We’re not even past this year’s local March elections in Lake Worth and already one of our two local County commissioners is being challenged next year. What gives!

“Cool down, Fred. Until a few months ago you didn’t even know what a County commissioner was! And please, Fred. Can you please stop yelling!”

Candidates who filed for 2020 Election Cycle to be held on November 3rd, 2020.

Candidates are already filing to run for an election to be held in one year and ten months.

Not kidding.

But of course, to make it on the ballot in November General Election there is August 2020 Primary. And following the Primary everyone will wait with high anticipation to see if The Palm Beach Post actually makes an endorsement for President of United States this time. For some reason the editor(s) at the Post made no endorsement for president in 2016. Why? Maybe they just forgot.

Here in the City of Lake Worth and nearby region you may be interested to learn that both Palm Beach County Mayor Mack Bernard and Vice Mayor Dave Kerner will be up for re-election in 2020.

Learn more about Bernard and Kerner below in a previous conversation between Fred and Mabel.

The offices thus far publicly noticed on the PBC Supervisor of Elections website.

Candidates for County Commissioner, District 7.

  • Leonard Serratore (NPA).
  • [Incumbent commissioner in District 7 is Mack Bernard.] 

Constitutional Officers (NP):

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections
(no incumbent; Susan Bucher was fired).

  • William S. Abramson
  • [More names to follow.]

Candidates for Sheriff of Palm Beach County.

  • Lauro E. Diaz
  • Alexander D. Freeman
  • Samuel L. Thompson
  • [Incumbent has yet to file.]

Thus far Diaz has raised $5,110 in monetary political contributions per the latest candidate finance filing report. Freeman is at $1,855 and Thompson is at $0.

It’s still very early and Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has yet to officially announce he is running for re-election. However, if the past is any clue. . .

Here are the election results from the August 2016 Primary Election:

In 2016 Sheriff Bradshaw raised $622,044 with another $5,160 of In-Kind contributions.

For sake of comparison, Alex Freeman in 2016 came in at  ≈  $31,000.

All the information above came from the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website. To learn more click on this link.

Now to important information about the Palm Beach County Commission. Mabel and Fred somewhere in the City of Lake Worth late last year.

“Mabel! Can you hear me?”

“Yes, Fred. I’m right here.”

Fred: “Do you know who our Palm Beach County commissioner is? Just saw some news on TV.”

Mabel: “What’s a County commissioner?”

Fred: “Apparently they are important.”

Mabel: “Well maybe you should learn more, Fred.”

Dear Fred: County commissioners are very important.

Meet your mayor and vice mayor
of Palm Beach County.

The honorable Mayor and District 7 Commissioner Mack Bernard (left) and the honorable Vice Mayor and District 3 Commissioner Dave Kerner:

What is relevant about District 3 and District 7? They both represent the City of Lake Worth.

And congratulations to newly-elected District 2 Commissioner Gregg Weiss and District 4 Commissioner Robert Weinroth.