Sunday, December 23, 2018

The news below from PBSO Cpt. Baer should have been the top news story in The Palm Beach Post.

But it wasn’t.

Instead the big news in the Post in the weekly Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Cursory Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE) on p. B3 ‘LOCAL’ was all about a shaved ice cream parlor that couldn’t cut the ice, so to speak.

Here is the big news.

PBSO Quarterly Update: Cpt. Baer began by saying, “It’s pretty much all good news tonight.”

The video of Cpt. Todd Baer’s presentation at the Lake Worth City Commission is at the end of this blog post.

UCR  =  Uniform Crime Report from the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement.

Please note the elevator button in the image below.

Down, down, down. The crime rate in this City of Lake Worth continues to go down dramatically.

Excellent news all around about the low levels of crime here in the City.

Word was going around that Cpt. Baer is leaving District 14. That is false. Baer is going to the FBI Training Academy for several months to get additional training. Here is a recent message from Cpt. Baer to the community in this City of Lake Worth:

It is truly an honor to serve the residents, business owners, and visitors to Lake Worth as your commanding officer. As a native of South Florida, and a veteran of the Lake Worth Police Department prior to the merge with PBSO in 2008, I have a good understanding of the priorities and values held by the residents of Lake Worth.

and. . .

We work closely with the city, the Community Redevelopment Agency, and Lake Worth’s many neighborhood associations to make Lake Worth a safer place to live, work, and visit. Working together, we can better address crime and quality of life issues, as well as build relationships and a foundation for future success.

The PBSO Quarterly update by Baer lasts approximately twenty-five minutes and is very worthy of watching in its entirety: