Monday, December 31, 2018

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! New development at The Palm Beach Post today, Monday, the 31st day of December, A.D. 2018.*

And yesterday, on December 30th, many readers and subscribers were surprised to learn the South Florida Sun Sentinel prints The Palm Beach Post. Did you miss that news? Learn more about that below.

Will tomorrow, the 1st day of January, A.D. 2019 usher in another big change?

Has the weekly Reign of The Six Special Cities finally come to an end at The Palm Beach Post?

The Order of The Six Special Cities began in 2015, that was soon after PBSO began the merge with the Greenacres PD when the Post used to cover the goings-on in the City of Greenacres and the nearby Village of Palm Springs too. But shortly afterwards all the focus turned to the City of Lake Worth when on a brisk Monday morning the first Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Cursory Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE) first appeared.

At first everyone thought this was temporary. That over time other municipalities would get their chance to be special too. But that never happened. The Order of The Six Special Cities remained The Order. For over three years.

And why wasn’t Delray Beach one in the Order of The Six Special Cities in the Post? Will that ever be explained? And who chose the Six Special Cities to begin with? Learn more about this below.

And were you one of those shocked yesterday to learn The Palm Beach Post does not print their own newspaper?

Well. Be prepared to be astounded again today!

The latest development is this: The City of Lake Worth was not special today in the Post print edition! Could it be the weekly Six Special Cities feature is finally finished, a tiresome spread on p. B3 ‘LOCAL’ which began in 2015? Imagine you are not a resident of one of those Six Special Cities and having to put up with that for over three years?

Central Palm Beach County has certainly had enough of the Six Special Cities. That vast area between the City of Lake Worth and the Village of Wellington is not just ‘Flyover County’ like its been treated for far too long.

Learn more about this lamentable situation later on.

And of course there was
THE BIG NEWS yesterday. . .

For many it was upon learning that the presses of the South Florida Sun Sentinel in Deerfield Beach print both The Palm Beach Post and the Palm Beach Daily News (aka, The Shiny Sheet). But many long-time residents of Palm Beach County knew the Post shut down their printing presses about ten years ago. Already a terrible economy at the time that decision to shut down the newspaper printing presses had a crippling effect on nearby municipalities including this City of Lake Worth.

[T]he Post downsized its newsroom by more than 30 percent in 2008 and 2009. At the same time it closed its printing press. The Post’s print edition is now printed in Broward County by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and shipped north [by big trucks] to Palm Beach County for daily distribution.

Sending all those jobs to Broward County the Post certainly saved some money but in giving up control of printing their own paper it’s always been a mystery how the editor(s) at the Post can get away with slamming local governments when faced with hard budget choices themselves.

Read more below about what happened yesterday, the message “To our readers” issued by the editor(s) published on the front page of the Sunday paper.

Now to the latest development!

The City of Lake Worth WAS NOT a Special City today! For the first time ever the three-year plus Special Cities feature on p. B3 did not get published.

The other five Special Cities — each and every week Tuesday–Saturday — are Jupiter, Wellington, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and then West Palm which does not have a beach.

Has the Six Special Cities weekly finally been eliminated by GateHouse Media? Gatehouse took over at the Post on May 1st of this year.

We’ll know for certain tomorrow if Jupiter isn’t Special:


Why doesn’t Greenacres get a Special Day? Palm Springs? And Delray Beach is not special? Why not a city in the Glades community, why can’t Belle Glade be special now and then?

Now to what happened yesterday. . .

Published on p. A1 above the banner:

To our readers

A computer virus caused significant disruption to production and delivery of Saturday’s edition of The Palm Beach Post. While some papers were delivered, subscribers who did not get Saturday’s paper will receive it today along with the Sunday edition. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Now to the whole story.

Did you know. . .

The Sun Sentinel prints
The Palm Beach Post newspaper.

This is explained by journalist Rafael Olmeda in an article datelined yesterday (Sat., Dec. 29th) and headlined, “Computer virus freezes South Florida Sun Sentinel”. Here are the first four paragraphs from Olmeda’s report:

We are still here.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel was crippled this weekend by a computer virus that shut down production and hampered phone lines, leading confused subscribers to call the paper’s offices on Saturday morning only to be told, incorrectly, that the numbers were not in service. continued to operate without interruption, and readers could still see their Saturday paper replicated in our e-edition, which was initially affected but restored by mid-afternoon.

The virus affected Tribune Publishing papers across the country. In South Florida, delivery of the New York Times and the Palm Beach Post was also affected because the Sun Sentinel also prints their newspapers here. [emphasis added]

For those of you who did not get the Saturday delivery of the Post print edition you should get that today along with the Sunday print edition.

If you did not get the Saturday print edition or have other questions, call subscriber services at 561-820-4663 or send an email to:

*“2019 (MMXIX) will be a common year starting on Tuesday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2019th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 19th year of the 3rd millennium, the 19th year of the 21st century, and the 10th and last year of the 2010s decade.”