Wednesday, July 11, 2018

SFWMD Governing Board monthly meeting is tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.

Click on this link to download the July 12th “Business Meeting” agenda for this scheduled monthly meeting.*

The members of the Governing Board at the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) meet at the District Headquarters (B-1 Auditorium) at 3301 Gun Club Road in suburban West Palm Beach.

[Please Note: There will not be a Water Resources Analysis Coalition (WRAC) meeting this month. The next WRAC meeting will be held on August 2nd at District Headquarters.]

Here is one item on Thursday’s agenda, item #24:

Restoration Strategies Science Plan Update for 2018-2023 Five-Year Work plan (Staff contact, Terrie Bates).

Agenda Item Background: Staff will provide information on the Science Plan Update, no Governing Board action is required. A component of Governor Scott’s Restoration Strategies Plan is the implementation of a comprehensive science plan to improve understanding of key mechanisms and factors affecting stormwater treatment area (STA) performance. Developed in 2013 and mandated by the DEP Consent Orders and NPDES permits, the Science Plan for the Everglades Stormwater Treatment Area outlined the scope of research including hydrological, physical, chemical and biological processes that affect total phosphorus concentrations being discharged from the STAs. Nine studies were implemented beginning in 2014 based on the identified knowledge gaps and uncertainties. The 2018 Update to the Science Plan reflects current priorities based on the findings and knowledge gained during the initial 5 years of implementation and includes a 2018-2023 Five-Year Work Plan for continued and new studies related to operations, hydrology and hydraulics, vegetation, soils, biogeochemistry and wildlife.

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*About public comment: “Members of the public wishing to address the Governing Board on agenda items which require a vote are to complete a Public Comment Card and submit the card to the front desk attendant. You will be called by the Board Chairman or designee to speak. Governing Board policy limits comments from the public to 3 minutes unless otherwise determined by the Governing Board Chairman. Unless otherwise determined by the Chairman, Board action on Consent Agenda items moved to the discussion agenda will occur at or after 9:00 a.m. on Thursday.”

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