Monday, July 24, 2017

Pushing through to the other side: The Casino debate and the tipping point.

This time of year is usually a quiet one for local governments but it won’t stay quiet for long. The next Lake Worth regular City Commission meeting is coming up on August 1st. If you didn’t hear about what is likely to happen — news from City Attorney Glen Torciviause this link to find out.

Below, learn about the tipping point, vis-à-vis the public debate about our Beach, Casino and pool: It happened in May 2015.

There is simply too much to point out what is discussed in the three videos below (1st video is 2:36 minutes, 2nd is 9:22, 3rd is 2:46). What Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell said in these videos shocked a lot of people, caused much wringing-of-hands, hysterics, and quite a bit of furious historical revisionism from those who would prefer the Casino and “BEACH!” history all began in 2012.

The history of that structure and terrible mistakes went back much further than that.

Do you recall the Invitation To Negotiate (ITN) process? The majority on the City Commission, Mayor Pam Triolo, Commissioner Andy Amoroso, and Maxwell were greatly criticized for going this route to solve the problems with the Casino. But, interestingly, the ITN also opened the proverbial “can of worms” and many started asking the question:

How did we get here and who is responsible?

Note the “1/3” icon in the top left corner. Click on that to switch and watch another video:

Maxwell should know very well what went on back then. He was there at the time watching it all happen and warning of the train wreck to come. When Maxwell was speaking you could see how uncomfortable a former commissioner was, with good reason.

While Vice Mayor Maxwell speaks the former District 2 commissioner (Chris McVoy, PhD) reacts in 2015.
Why the deer-in-the-headlights look? McVoy was one of the ‘visionaries’ who made all those terrible decisions. “What! It wasn’t me! I was doing a soil survey in Mongolia.”

Do you remember Greater Bay? The plan with the parking garage and a renovated pool?
Use this link to learn more.