Saturday, April 2, 2016

Just to be clear. . . Statement from Hudson Holdings about the Lake Worth property on S. Federal Hwy in the news recently

The statement below from Hudson Holdings is referring to this recent story:

"Clarification of the Lake Worth property, Bimini Bay, related to its operation and ownership.

Bimini Bay is operated solely by Treatment Center LLC. The property is currently leased to Treatment Center LLC by HH [Hudson Holdings] Lake Worth, LLC

HH Lake Worth, has no involvement of any kind [emphasis added] in the business of Treatment Center LLC nor in any of the day to day operations of the company or any of its affiliates. HH Lake Worth is the landlord and lessor of the location and structure. 

We are now aware of the incidents and situations that have occurred last week as it relates to Treatment Center LLC and that location. We wish to express our sincere condolences and sympathies to the families involved. 

We have formally begun eviction proceedings to remove Treatment Center LLC from this location. This will be accomplished in the most expedient manner permitted by law."

If you have any questions, here is contact information: 
Mark Adrian
Hudson Holdings, LLC
Phone: 561-768-7621
Fax: 561-274-2158