Thursday, January 28, 2016

On the FRONT PAGE of The Palm Beach Post TODAY (1/28)! Big News for Meat Lovers Everywhere!

If you live in a certain city or anywhere in Palm Beach County for that matter, and you are angry that The Palm Beach Post used a 'C-word' in print that many people, including your children, became emotionally upset over?. . .You need to sit back and focus on more important things, like, "What kind of protein will my wonderful kids enjoy this weekend?". FYI, in a news segment by CBS12/WPEC they used the C-word too and hopefully your teenagers won't be subjected to that mis-/disinformation.

But life goes on and if you really like to eat chicken, pork, and beef then you need to stop whatever you're doing and go out and grab an issue of The Palm Beach Post. On the FRONT PAGE OF OUR PAPER OF RECORD IS BIG NEWS ABOUT FRESH MEAT!
A screen grab from today's (1/28) issue of The Palm Beach Post. Don't forget: Saying you support your local businesses isn't enough. You need to Walk the Walk and spend money at your favorite local restaurant, festival, etc.
There's also big news about a "Huge Home Show" on the front page starting on January 29th with FREE ADMISSION. So if you were wondering what there was to do this weekend this might be something you and your family might enjoy. Maybe you had plans but heard or read something and decided to do something different. If you want more details, again, you have to go and pick up your own issue of The Palm Beach Post. The paper costs $1.50. by the way.

A lot of good, decent people got really upset that The Palm Beach Post used the C-word when there are so many other words that could have been used, for example, the word "ordinance". But instead the editors at the paper used the C-word and so did CBS12/WPEC. If you Google search the C-word this is what you find:
A lot of elected and community leaders, not all though*, in a certain city whose jobs are already hard enough to begin with, well. . .those efforts became a whole lot harder because the press used the C-word. They didn't have to but they did anyway and you can draw your own conclusions. Don't get upset at The Palm Beach Post and CBS12 because there are people at the paper and also at that TV news station who aren't happy about the use of the C-word either—Trust me. I know.

Lastly, if you are upset about the press using the C-word? Don't be. Spend your time doing other things like learning where your polling location is, working with your city to fix potholes and replace missing street lights, do something to make your neighborhood school a little better, or contact a neighborhood organization that is doing everything they can to make life just a little tiny bit better for everyone. Not every city has neighborhood organizations but there are some cities that need them and they really need your help

And don't forget! Go out and grab The Palm Beach Post TODAY!!!
*Did you think I was going to be really clever with this footnote?