Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Another Palm Beach County municipality that not only received the message, it's broadcasting it.


Steve Ellman said...

You have it totally ass-backwards, Wes, and shot yourself in the foot.
Miami worked out plans to address sea-level rise even before they had funding.
The LW commission asked for the money without having worked out any plans. In fact, they, and you, even pooh-poohed the idea that sea-level rise is a concern.
The Herald story supports the need to address the issue of sea-level rise, not the need to ask for money without addressing the issue.

Wes Blackman said...

Well, look who's back from the Great Void. There were those that were about to file a missing persons' report on you. I am glad to see you posting your pithy comments here. But, Man of Journalism, you commented under the wrong post. I am of a forgiving nature, so let's not worry about shooting your foot off, so to speak.

Again, you have the whole thing wrong in that I acknowledged, and the city acknowledged, that sea level rise was a concern. The work to be accomplished through the now-failed bond issue would be done to the best available engineering standards given best practices for civil engineering in a south Florida, coastal and urban environment in 2014. Anything related to sea level, storm drainage projects in particular, would be designed to today's standards and not those of, say, 1935, 1958 or 1974 - probably the average ages of some of our most important infrastructure.

That was a Washington Post article, dated yesterday, that I referenced, by the way.

Steve, you might notice that Lake Worth's general fund budget is just short of $40 million dollars, with a small fraction of that coming from property tax base. You also might realize, in your more lucid moments, that the city had no commercial investment during the period your pals ruled from the dais. That cripples our ability to raise funds for critical infrastructure projects that would take sea level rise projections into account.

So, since the "no" vote prevailed by 25 votes, of which 14 ballots were tossed without the benefit of knowing what the vote was, we will just sit and wait for the waters to lap up to the front stoops of houses along the west side of South Palmway until we do something.

As an aside, I'd love to get you on my radio show and you can tell me about what your friends at EarthFirst! are doing. Or are you not as close with them as you once were?

All the best. Glad that you are still with us dear.