Sunday, October 5, 2014

Redux item on the next City Commission agenda...

Next Tuesday, October 7, there is a very interesting item concerning the Casino and Pool complex. You'll find it on page 26 here of the city's agenda.
I wasn't able to attend the last commission meeting but did hear that Commissioner McVoy is interested in being selected for the city commission "evaluation" position. So much so that he made a motion to do so that failed for lack of a second. The whole thing was then rescheduled to be discussed at the next meeting.

Apparently, the other Commissioners are well aware of his role in guiding the current "business plan" for the beach operations and wisely do not consider it a good idea to have one of the people to blame in charge of the fix. Another example of his bumbling would be Commissioner McVoy's bungling of the Planning & Zoning board appointments. So let's just say he should do the smart thing and withdraw from consideration. Realistically, if any commissioner can't manage something as mundane as a city board appointment he shouldn't be the city's liaison on any matter. And you can extend that question to whether or not he really should be a Commissioner much longer.

On October 2nd a reader of my blog who watched the meeting live wrote me and was very concerned. In the comments about the post John Rinaldi further clarified what happened and how he lost his chairmanship of the P&Z board.

This incident leaves me scratching my head about the overall appointment process for board members and if there might not be a better way.

Anyhow, back to the commission liaison and the Casino/Pool complex, this is a positive step forward for the Casino and the Municipal Pool. Past commissions dropped the ball and now our present commission is looking into some steps to make the pool a viable economic entity, instead of being a drag on the city's finances.

Don't forget, one of McVoy's suggestions for the Casino complex was windmills on the beach.