Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Palm Beach County needs Complete Streets, advocates say - Sun Sentinel

"Complete Streets" is a design concept for transportation facilities to better accommodate all modes of traffic: pedestrian, bicycle, transit and automobile in an even-handed manner. It's taking hold in traffic planning circles and the Palm Beach County Metropolitan Planning Organization, which Lake Worth is represented by Mayor Triolo, is looking to incorporate the concept into future facility planning.

The concept was raised by Commissioner McVoy as an example of how we shouldn't just redo our streets the way they are, we should plan for the future and make sure that our new streets under the Lake Worth 2020 program had that it mind as a basis. Never mind that the street in front of that Commissioner's property (was going to say "home", but for some reason it isn't homesteaded, so not sure what is up with that) is being redone as it was before. And the whole point is moot now with the bond not passing, we will not have money to improve road rights-of-way now, period. Click title for link to more information on the concept. From the article:
More roads built for pedestrians and bicyclists and not just vehicles could be springing up in Palm Beach County as interest grows in the county for "complete streets."
Many roads are designed to get motorists to their destinations as quickly as possible while walkers, cyclists and public transportation users are afterthoughts. Complete Streets puts those users on equal footing with drivers, making it easy to cross roads, walk to shops, bike to work or catch a bus.
"It's time for Palm Beach County to step to the plate and help cities adapt to complete streets," said Jim Smith, a pedestrian and bike advocate. "There are areas where there is concentrated pedestrian traffic that need to be pedestrian protection zones."
Smith, a Delray Beach resident, said he plans to ask the city to adopt a complete streets policy.
The Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization, the county's transportation planning agency, has begun a push for the concept.