Friday, August 22, 2014

Foul! Desperate measures to misrepresent the truth - CAUghT again...

This is the front and back of the latest mailing from Citizens Against Unfair Taxation. You know, this is the political committee that illegally filed in the County to oppose a city issue, misrepresented their stated purpose as "education" instead of "persuasion," and never appointed a registered agent. So, whatever comes from them, you have to consider the source.

If case the above confuses you, the quotes from the Palm Beach Post come from the editorial article in which the editorial board voiced their support for the bonds that will appear on the August 26th Lake Worth ballot. You can read the entire article here which is titled Editorial: Approve much-needed road repair bond in Lake Worth.

The quotes from the article are cherry-picked to make it seem like the Post is against the bond issue. Granted, we can all agree that this is complicated and serious issue, one that requires examination from all angles. But to blatantly misrepresent the entire premise and message of the article, print a postcard with the misleading quotes and send it out to the entire world is reckless at best, despicable at the worst. But, hey, that's what we have come to expect.

People who play by the rules would ask permission to reprint the editorial like I did back in 2009. Here is the letter I received from the Palm Beach Post when I asked for that permission:
Notice item #2: "A strict condition of the reprint permission is that the article may not be edited or altered in any way. You must reprint the entire article - including the writer's byline - and use the headline that appeared with the article." So much for following rules.

Speaking of rules, there are rules against putting political signs on public property. Here we have one of the CAUghT PAC's signs adhered to the public fence at our public golf course and the east of of 13th Avenue North, a public right-of-way.

Like I said, so much for playing by the rules.