Sunday, April 20, 2014

State Road A1A: Lack of bike lanes frustrate cyclists, who often have a contentious relationship with motorists who also enjoy A1A's scenery. - Sun Sentinel

I, for one, do not like to bicycle on A1A. That is, unless it is after snowbird season and it is during a time when other bike "packs" are not likely to out. From where I live, it is a 16 mile round trip to the Boynton Inlet. That route takes you through some scenic areas with nice water views of either the Intracoastal or the ocean. There is a tight spot without any bike lane or shoulder just north of the inlet. It has a beautiful tree canopy. You have to be careful through there as two cars, or especially trucks, going opposite directions, take up the entire right-of-way. Going north to the Palm Beach Inlet is a 20 mile round trip and there is generally more room for bikes between the traffic land and the edge of the asphalt. Click title for a link to the Sun-Sentinel article which reports about increased enforcement along this popular road for biking.