Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Follow-up post on Lake Worth's lodging opportunities...

We decided to check out the current state of some of the lodging opportunities for visitors of Lake Worth and their current status. We identified several in this post from yesterday. First of all, some of you may be relieved that the Sabal Palm House is no longer described as "action packed" on the state's VisitFlorida website.
The Mango Inn is now "chilled out", in place of "budget minded."
We also checked out South Palm Suites. This is how it appears on the state of Florida-run website. 
Its last Trip Advisor entry was in March of 2013. Here is how it looked yesterday.
Gone is the sign identifying the property as South Palm Suites. We found out by talking to one of the property's managers there that about 7 months ago it become a sober house.
The property was clean and well kept, with few cars in the parking lot. No one hanging around outside and it seemed like any other property in the area. Perhaps nicer than most, actually.
In his talk to Parrot Cove, William Waters talks about sober houses and how the city can do little, unless they are causing a nuisance, to regulate this type of use. It is simply a choice by the owner of the property who they choose to rent to.
Then we went to check out the Silver Lions Motel at 504 South Dixie Hwy.

While impressed by the majesty of the silver lions, forever looking west, with the afternoon sun glistening from their metallic manes, this probably isn't the place to visit for local hospitality. We actually went in to inquire about room rates, and between the bars, notices and penetrating stares, we clearly got the impression that we were not welcome there. No words were said. So, you can mark this off your list as a suggestion for when Aunt Zelda and your cousins come to Lake Worth for a visit.

Then we went up Dixie Hwy. to the Ixora motel. There was some sort of active crime scene right across the street which you can see going down in this picture. So we decided not to dawdle there for long.
Again, not a recommendation for Aunt Zelda, unless she and the kids enjoy a mirror mounted at a 45 degree angle over the bed. Probably used as a grooming aid or some such. We didn't get information on room rates.