Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Your Ad Here: State Negotiating For Advertising Along Florida’s Prime Nature Trails | FlaglerLive – Your News Service for Flagler County News Palm Coast News Bunnell Flagler Beach Beverly Beach and Marineland

Controversial signage program is proposed for some of the state's scenic nature trails. Not all are happy about the prospect. Click title for link. Here's what the signs would appear like:
Bikepath is proposing trailhead signs up to 16-square-feet and 13 access point signs up to 4-square-feet at seven parks at “no proposed cost” to the state.
On its webpage, the company claims to design “attractive and non-obtrusive” eco-friendly signs.
The Legislature’s first attempt at approving the park trail advertisements died in 2011 after opponents objected that the ads would become an intrusive distraction for those visiting pristine state lands.