Friday, October 4, 2013

City Commission Discussion from 10/1/13 Meeting re E.R. Bradley's Restaurant Lease at Golf Course Clubhouse

This is the from last Tuesday's City Commission meeting related to E.R. Bradley's lease at the golf course clubhouse. There was initial concern about the amount of the monthly lease payment ($3,000) and the lack of an escalator clause over the initial ten year term of the lease. The point was made that this location has never proven to be a successful location for a food operation and that this is also seen as helping the golf side of the business for the city. The restaurant will be taking over the large room as their main dining, which could still be rented out for private parties and use of the area where the food operation was before will be the bar area. There was concern over the lack of separate metering for electric, but that was not adopted as part of the final action.

We went by the clubhouse the next day and took these pictures. Work was already underway.
 Above is the new decking material that will occupy the space shown below, with a magnificent view of the Lake Worth Lagoon/Intercoastal.

The area below will be a "Tiki Bar" area. The pavers around the trees are a recent change. The restaurant will likely be named "Bradley's Beach Club."
There is another municipal golf course clubhouse nearby that is under construction right now. In fact, you can see the top of its roof from the Lake Worth clubhouse by looking east toward the barrier island. This is Palm Beach's new two story clubhouse, which is supposed to have a view of the ocean from the second floor. We heard that they too are looking for a restaurant operator and their asking rate for a lease there is $10,000 a month for only about 2,300 square feet of space - at least half of which would have to be kitchen. $15 hot dogs anyone? I guess Palm Beach has to keep out the hoi poloi somehow. Pics below of the Palm Beach Par 3 course clubhouse:

And just to show how far beyond Palm Beach is in its website, check out how it highlights its golf course. Don't miss its live construction cam of the clubhouse.