Sunday, May 26, 2013

Today at the boat ramp...

 On our bike ride today, we passed by 1st Avenue South, Golfview and the boat ramp area.  There we found a PBSO officer doing his job and writing up tickets for trucks and boat trailers parked along the street in a no parking zone.  The one above was doubly unlucky in that the boat trailer did not have a license plate.  The officer pointed out that all he could do is write a ticket.  The city hasn't designated this a tow-away zone, so the truck and trailer will stay there all day.
 This was a little after 3 in the afternoon and there were spaces available in the truck and trailer parking area so parking elsewhere was probably an attempt to avoid the $10 parking fee.
 Having a trailer without a license plate is pretty common based on the representation of the trucks and trailers that were parked in the lot.  A big day on the water for a lot of people, it was.