Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Project Restores and Beautifies Grassy Waters Watershed | City of West Palm Beach

Click title for link to the City of West Palm Beach's website "Newsroom" page. The YouTube video below appears on the page with a brief description of the project. You can also see that West Palm Beach has a YouTube channel called West Palm TV.  The city gets most of its potable water from surface water sources and questions about the supply and quality of the water raise their head from time to time.
It's not an elaborate production, but it is informative and allows residents to learn about the infrastructure they count on everyday.  They can do this on their own time, without having to go through a public meeting.  That public meeting might include other issues and distractions that would dilute the message or confuse it.  This is an example of the city getting ahead of an issue.  Even if the video is only seen by 50 or 100 people, that is more than if this was never made. 

It's not going to save the world, necessarily, but it is more than Lake Worth does which is pretty much next to nothing.  They are doing a newsletter regularly in electric bills now, which is better than not doing anything, but not enough in relation to the electronic age that we are living in.  I would also point out that the webcam in the Commission Chambers is a good idea, but it is difficult to search through entire meetings for a single item you may be interested in. There is also no ability to provide feedback, other than the usual e-mail or telephone calls to your representatives or staff.

Since the City Commission was asking how to get the word out about items related to the beach, this might be a way to reach people that aren't the ones that always attend meetings.