Monday, September 24, 2012

Editorial: Lake Worth getting close to running on fumes

Another superficial analysis and opinion by those in the cozy paneled offices of the Palm Beach Post.  Let's dissect the first sentence of the article:

"Lake Worth is long known for short-sighted planning, erratic planning and, in some cases, no planning at all."

Let's look at the word "planning" and apply that to the use of land in the city.  A large part of the reason the city is in the financial situation it is results from not having a coherent set of Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Regulations that lay out what the city expects if someone wishes to redevelop a property in Lake Worth.  Since we have essentially closed the door to any major reinvestment in the city for the past eight years - roughly coinciding with the emergence of a "no change" culture on the dais, the city experienced the largest decline in taxable value of any municipality in Palm Beach County.  Providing a predictable path through the development review process would go a long way to attracting investment and jobs to Lake Worth.  Only then will the city be able to deliver on its promise to build reserves and lower utility rates.

Quoting one of our pop-culture contemporary philosophers, Judge Judy, the rest of the editorial beyond the first sentence is a bunch of "who shot John."