Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lake Worth's beachfront casino building a gleaming jewel in sad setting

The Post's editorial board is still falling all over itself propagating the story from those on the dais that choose to lie to the public. Breathlessly stated in the op-ed piece:

"The gaps are starting to be filled in for the long-overdue renovation of Lake Worth's beachfront casino building. The all-but-rebuilt structure, in the process of being restored to its 1920s splendor, perches nearly complete on the dune. In a few months, five shops and eateries will move in and begin renovations to prepare for the grand opening this fall."

The paper is right to point out the following, however"

"Despite progress on this long-neglected site, Lake Worth is lagging badly in the other key component of its beach makeover: a multimillion-dollar face-lift of the parking lot and grounds surrounding the casino. This important work, financed primarily by a county grant, was to transform the blighted area around the casino into an oasis of shaded pavilions, palm trees, benches, grassy spaces and a playground. The work was to be done in tandem with the casino building renovation, which began in the summer."

What they don't seem to mention is that the tenants, with executed leases in hand, will be improving their leased space in anticipation of an October or November opening.  The way it is looking now, there is a big chance that utilities - water, sewer and electric - will NOT be there in time for these tenants to get a certificate of occupancy.  Is this prospect a contingency in the leases or is the city walking another legal tight rope here?