Thursday, June 30, 2011

Questions posed by blog readers and e-mailed to Rachel Waterman...

Here are the questions from my blog readers:

If I had the opportunity to talk to Rachel I would ask her:
1. in Today's post she says she better represents the "diversity of Lake Worth". Since in Lake Worth diversity means those that want businesses and growth and those that don't how does she plan to bridge that gap? What are her plans for growth? What types of business will she hope to attract, and how?
2. What are her plans, if any, for the Gulfstream Hotel?
3. Why did she do a 180 on her response re running in November and the chicken issue between the Playhouse and the Eden Place/College Park forums?
3. What, honestly, is her commitment re November?
4. What, honestly, is her position on chickens?
5. What is her relationship with Cara Jennings? I am sure that she knows that 802 North A is where Cara used to live since she said the owner is an "old friend"?
6. What is the story behind all her foreclosures and liens?
7. When, honestly, did she move to Lake Worth (this time)  (she was homesteaded in Brevard County in 2010 and on the Pleasant City (WPB) board in 2010) and what can she do to make truly make us believe that she is here for the long run?


I would ask Waterman to prove she has actually lived here 6 mths,explain her multiple foreclosures and other financial woes and how she can any investment in lake worth if she I'd not even paying rent


I'd like to know

Are the 3 foreclosures (one with 7 WPB liens filed against it) filed in Palm Beach County under the name Rachel B. Waterman as a defendent, her?  If so how can she make sound fiscal decisions regarding the management of Lake Worth? Explain, explain, explain.

If she is the Rachel B. Waterman listed in the court records then...

What action does she think City needs to take toward resolving outstanding unpaid liens, stepping up code enforcement, the present foreclosure crisis and an on going and growing reduction in property tax income to LW?  How will the city provide services without revenue?

Her address listed on the PBC cases is in Mims, FL, when did she move to Lake Worth and for what reason?

There is a Brevard county case Discover Bank vs. Rachel B. Waterman for indebtedness - is this her?

There is a Brevard county mortgage against property in the amount of $375,000 listing Rachel B. Waterman as the mortgagor.  Is this her?

 I have a couple of things that I’m wanting some clarification on, in the PBP article in February she said; "Lake Worth has a personality. It has a vibe. We live in a town where the right-wings are Democrats. There is money in social progressivism."
How does Lake Worth make money on “social progressivism”?

Could you ask her if Cara decided to run for mayor in November would she dropout of the race in November. Or, maybe you might ask her this; earlier this year Cara asked on her FB page, "I am taking a you think I should run for Lake Worth Mayor in the special election on June 28?"

Waterman's response:
Yippee! I'll campaign for you!!!!!!

Did she talk with Cara and asked her for her support before she decided to run for Mayor?


Ask her about the census job and her cara connection

There seems to be a general concern about your personal financial condition, the need for you to do private work related to your profession in order to earn money and how that will be balanced between your commitment as Mayor of Lake Worth and being a mother of two younger children.

Thank you Rachel.