Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christopher McVoy's Special Interest Campaign Contributions - 2010

Here we have the tabulation of Christopher McVoy's special interest contributions.  This is through the G4 report and the termination report is due later on, early in 2011.  But we do know that while now Commissioner McVoy was consistent with the party line on how great the current beach and casino building rehabilitation is, he didn't gather as much support from the tenants there as did Commissioner Mulvehill.  He did gather some and you can be sure he will be erring in favor of the tenants when decisions are made related to their interests.  He could surprise us and be more evenhanded, but that would indeed be a surprise.  I will be updating Commissioner Mulvhehill's special interest contributions as well to include Laurel Decker as she is a member of the Finance Advisory Board.  Ms. Decker has long lurked in the ranks of Golden and Jennings supporters and usually supplies "in kind" campaign finance software for campaigns such as these, as is the case here.  She also was a strong supporter of the casino financing proposal put forward by staff that uses the city's "cash portfolio" for interim funding of the casino rehabilitation project.  No one has yet identified where the permanent funding is coming from.  Shauna Coolican, pals with Annabeth Karson, shows up on the list and had a contract with the city to perform the Total Count Census effort this year.  Both are known political operatives within this camp.  Commissioner Golden appears on this list, along with her housemate and members of her extended family.  She serves as staff to the Lake Worth Community Development Corporation (CDC).  The CDC leases/leased (?) a city building near the Osborne Community Center that could be used for after-school and other programs needed in the area.   Likewise, Kathy LaCroix (staff) and Edward Grimm (Board Chair) serve on the CDC.  Mr. Grimm is also an appointee to the CRA and was interviewed and voted for by Commissioner Golden, an employee of the CDC, despite an apparent conflict of interest.  Lynda Mahoney, current Chair of the P&Z has worked for Commissioner Golden's campaigns and served as chair of the CDC for a while, as well.  Other contributors on this list appear on Commissioner Mulvehill's as well.

Editor's note:  I counted a $48 contribution twice for Ms. Coolican and will fix that later.