Friday, November 26, 2010

ROLOH Neighborhood Association Holiday Reminders

Dear Neighbors and Friends,
As we kicked off the Holiday Season with Thanksgiving we need to remember the joy and meaning of all the Holidays this time of year.  We at ROLOH wish each and everyone of our Neighbors, Friends and Partners the best Holiday Cheer, and that your holiday is a joyous occasion.
As a reminder this is also the time of year where we see an increase of vehicle, home and backyard burglaries.  We want to encourage everyone to enjoy your holiday but also be aware of what is going on in and around your area.  As you travel to and from work, shopping or where ever your travels take you......Slow down just a bit while in your neighborhood and look down the alleys and streets.  If you see anything that is suspicious please report it to our PBSO D14 Team.  Non-Emergency Number is 561-688-3400 and of course a crime in progress is 911.
We can assure all of you that our PBSO D14 Team is working dilegently on keeping us safe this holiday season but just like ANY OTHER Policing unit they can be much more successful if we as citizens are participating in the process.  As neighbors we are tasked with the responsibility to ourselves to help each other.....that is how a sucessful neighborhood watch along side cooperation with our own PBSO D14 team will make a difference.
You can also participate in a more direct way bY becoming a C.O.P. Volunteer!  Unit 109 for Lake Worth is in constant demand for more drivers and observers and we encourage everyone to think about participating in this program.  For those who would like to know more about PBSO this is a great program to be involved to learn more and help out your neighbors at the same time.
Remember that our PBSO D14 is putting their lives on the line for us everyday....They have brought more resources to our city than we have every seen in the past and they are making a difference.  With that in mind please note that they as well as any Policing Operation can not be in every place at every moment which is why your personal contributions of being alert and being pro-active by keeping your automobiles locked, homes and yards secured and report any and all suspicious activities is a must.
When we say PBSO D14 Team that means all of us as residents as C.O.P's and PBSO, we are all part of the picture to help make Lake Worth Safer!  Thank You to everyone who is making a difference and for the Community and Neighbor Leaders a simple thing I did this morning was drive my own neighborhood as a representative of ROLOH, took a look around and spoke with several neighbors to make sure they are aware.  Raising awareness is very important and please be Happy & Safe this Holiday Season!! 
Click here for PBSO's 2010 Holiday Tip Flyer!
Proudly serving the Residents
Of Lake Osborne Heights