Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Add/Delete for tonight's (12/15) City Commission meeting...

Notice item (F) under new business - a continuation of the Karson/Coolican caper concerning the Census Complete Count Committee. Commissioner Golden (see memo below) is asking the Commission to put this on the agenda to "give direction" to the City Manager regarding retaining Ms. Karson and Ms. Coolican in the city's employ. The way the City Manager/Commission form of government works is that the City Manager is the one that hires and fires staff - not the Commission. To even put this on the agenda is perverting one of the foundations of our city government - if "direction" is given and no action is taken before, who knows what will happen.

Film at 11.

Below is a "draft" memo from the City Manager regarding the matter. In it she says that she will be terminating Ms. Karson and asking that the Community Relations Board (CRB) take over the Complete Count task (a good idea!) This was read into the record last night at the CRB's meeting. Expect this to be a source of discussion if the above item makes it on the agenda.

A must read!