Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pizza Question:

This is from another local blog:
Hi. I was wondering about something simple. I would like to ask all the candidates for their answer to the following question: Do you like pizza, and, if so, what pizzeria would you call if you wanted a delivery? What toppings, if any, would you ask for? Thank you very much for your time! I am going to vote for the candidate who's answer suits me best. Good luck in the forthcoming election! :-)
This is a really easy question to answer for me. There is a great family-owned pizzeria down the street from me on Dixie Hwy. - dangerously within walking distance. After sushi, it's probably one of my favorite foods. It's Tony's Pizza and Pasta (they also make pasta for Palm Beach restaurant clients) - phone 588-9940. Every now and then I will get their meatball dish to go for comfort food, but my usual order is a small pizza - all veggie plus garlic minus olives. Never have liked olives whole, but olive oil is fine. I've never had it but I hear they make a great white chicken topped pizza too.

And as an added treat for other members of my family, I happen not to like gnawing on the crust - the part and the edge without toppings. So Mars and Venus help me with those.

Please call them - they do deliver and tell them "Wes sent me!"