Monday, June 1, 2009

Live near an abandoned home with dangerous debris? If hurricane threatens, call your city

Click title for link to Sun Sentinel story. Today marks the first day of hurricane season. Here is an excerpt from the article regarding hazards and remedies for unkempt, vacant and foreclosed properties:
There aren't a lot of options for homeowners in this situation beyond relying on local code enforcement departments.

Municipalities discourage civilians from entering private property because to do so violates trespass law. Inspectors have to respect that restriction too, and are limited to taking action on what can be seen from a yard's border. But if a place is unsafe, officials can inspect and secure a property immediately. They also use code enforcement boards, special masters or magistrates or the courts to levy liens and pressure an owner, if one can be found, to clean up a site.
Can we rely on the city of Lake Worth to do this?