Saturday, January 31, 2009

More in the never-ending stream of information from the City of Punta Gorda

Friends and Neighbors,

Aside from the weekly report attachment I have also attached a schedule of road rejuvenation work beginning next Monday. Road rejuvenation if a stop gap method that is expected to add a few extra years to our streets before repaving is necessary.

The 2009 State of the City Report was presented by Larry Friedman this past Wednesday for members of the chamber of commerce; he will be presenting it several more times the schedule is in the weekly report and I urge you to attend.

The University of Florida released its “Florida Estimates of Population for 2008” this week and you may be interested to know That the estimated population for Charlotte County for 2008 was 165,781 of which 17,651 reside within the city. In 2000 the counties population was 141,627. Of the 67 counties Charlotte is the 28th most populated. Charlotte continues to have the distinction of having the highest percentage in the state of those over the age of 65 [34%] and the lowest percentage in the state of those under the age of 17 [15.1%]

Several of you have asked so here is the link to the schedule for our new event center