Saturday, February 16, 2019

News Worth Noting: Public notice published in The Palm Beach Post.

Beautiful property being disposed of by West Palm Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

This public notice in the Post was titled, “NOTICE OF INTENT TO DISPOSE OF [BEAUTIFUL] PROPERTY”.

This property is a vacant lot at the corner of 21st St. and Beautiful Ave. See directions to this property below.

Here is an excerpt from that news dated February 7th, 2019 with emphasis added and “[sic]” is explained later.

The West Palm Beach [sic] Community Redevelopment Agency (“CRA”) is considering disposing the property located at 2115 Beautiful Ave, West Palm Beach [sic], FL (Parcel Control Number: 74-43-43-16-15-006-0190), consisting of approximately  6,9821.67 sq. ft. (0.1603 Acres) parcel.

If you wish to learn more about this Beautiful property refer to the Post print edition on Thursday, February 7th (or use the online print edition) and go to p. B10, above the fold in the fifth column.

To better understand where this vacant lot is located in West Palm, at the corner of 21st St. and Dixie Hwy. is the Pleasant City Elementary School. To see the vacant lot on Beautiful Ave. head west on 21st St. past Spruce Ave. and 2115 Beautiful will be on the left (south side of 21st St.) at the corner of 21st and Beautiful.

If you come up to A E Isaacs Ave. you went too far.

By the way, is 2115 Beautiful being considered for a neighborhood public park by the West Palm CRA? Will all the shade trees be kept safe from damage going forward? Are there any gopher tortoise burrows? How will the neighbors be impacted by future development? These are important questions. Future development will certainly impact the community.

Before the West Palm CRA disposes of the property on Beautiful Ave. should a series of neighborhood charrettes be held? Does the public in this neighborhood even know this property is being disposed of? Maybe a reporter from WPTV will try and find answers to these questions.

And please note all potential investors and developers. The City of West Palm ‘Beach’ does not have a beach. Really, it’s true. They don’t. But if you are looking to invest in a municipality that actually does have a beach on the Atlantic Ocean please consider contacting the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) in the City of Lake Worth, a municipality located directly to the south of West Palm.

The Lake Worth CRA has many fabulously beautiful properties you may be interested in looking at. And word is the CRA in partnership with the City of Lake Worth will be constructing a new parking garage in the Downtown which is certainly good news for the business community and future investors.

To contact the Lake Worth CRA click on this link.

And please remember to say Wes said, “Hi!”