Tuesday, February 5, 2019

A proposed new Dollar General at 10th Ave. North and A Street.

UPDATE: The applicant for Dollar General has been granted a re-hearing before the Lake Worth Planning & Zoning Board. This meeting has not yet been officially scheduled.

From the file labelled,

Following denial of this major site plan to allow for a ±7,441 sq. ft. “single destination retail” use at 1615 10th Ave. North, apparently very important and pertinent information was inadvertently excluded from the January 16th meeting of the Planning & Zoning Board.

This just happened to be the applicant’s traffic analysis.

Traffic was a very big issue at that P&Z meeting last month.

To look over the staff report dated January 31st and the “Request For Rehearing” by the applicant click on this link and scroll down for the agenda package at the upcoming P&Z meeting next Wednesday, February 6th.

This agenda item on the Planning & Zoning Board agenda last month generated much public interest. Due to the number of public in attendance this item under “New Business” was then moved up to be the first project under consideration before the P&Z on Jan. 16th.

This agenda item pertained to a proposed new Dollar General location at the corner of 10th Ave. North and A Street. Dollar General has an existing location at 2 N. Lakeside Drive in the Downtown.

Many of you will recall that location on 10th Ave. near the I-95 exit was once considered by Wawa. That proposed project never even made it to the P&Z for a number of reasons. Wawa found other much more desirable sites nearby in Central Palm Beach County. However, the applicant last January for a proposed Dollar General came with a staff recommendation for approval and they came prepared with land use professionals, attorneys and a stenographer too.

The P&Z voted to deny the project, traffic being the biggest concern.

And if the P&Z denies a rehearing this week — or holds a rehearing later and denies the application once again — the applicant will most certainly appeal to the City Commission, which is their right. And if they lose that appeal this will most likely end up in the courts.

Apparently, Dollar General is very accustomed to this process and this is nothing new to them. Not liking a particular use at a particular location is not the issue. Not liking Dollar General is not sufficient reason for denial.

So that’s the basics. Check back later for more information about this topic and be prepared for a public hearing at City Hall. Most likely after the municipal elections on March 12th.